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Please email your representatives and urge them to act today on Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis by extending Medicare and the Child Tax Credit to the island. Go here for updates on our Puerto Rico campaign.


Apr 6 - Puerto Rico’s electric company and bondholders agree on a debt deal.

Apr 5 - Congress introduces legislation to close tax havens and curb corruption.

Apr 3 - More than 11 million documents were leaked from a law firm based in Panama a year ago today.

Mar 31 - Jubilee's Eric LeCompte meets with Puerto Rico's Governor, Congresswoman and religious leaders. The Puerto Rico Oversight Board discusses economic growth proposals for the island.

Mar 24 - The House rejects an important amendment that would extend Medicare funding to the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Mar 22 - Religious leaders encourage Congress to extend Medicare coverage to the citizens of Puerto Rico. 

Mar 17 G20 Finance Ministers discuss debt reduction, tackling global tax avoidance and trade policies at a Germany meeting.

Mar 14 - Religious leaders urge Congress to act on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

Mar 13 - Puerto Rico Oversight Board accepts Governor Rossello’s revised fiscal plan.

Mar 9 - The federal Puerto Rico Oversight board rejects the Governor's fiscal plan. He has until March 11 to submit a revised plan.

Mar 8 - The federal Puerto Rico oversight board warns that the island can't pay vital services.

Mar 1 - Puerto Rico's Governor releases a new fiscal plan to balance the island's budget. He also requests continued protection for the territory from debt lawsuits.

Feb 23 - The Treasury renews requirements for title insurance companies to identify the real owners behind shell companies in six major metropolitan areas.

Feb 14 - President Trump signs a Congressional resolution to void transparency requirements in the oil, gas and mining sectors. Jubilee's views are featured in Agence France PresseThe Guardian and Public Finance International.

Jan 12 - Ecuador Foreign Minister Guillame Long meets with civil society groups to discuss tax avoidance, corruption and development.

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