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Capitol at nightDear Friend,

Tomorrow on April 27th, we need you to make 1 call to Congress 4 Puerto Rico.

Join national religious groups, local faith communities and thousands of people across the United States for our Puerto Rico Congress Call-In Day. Please make a 60-second call to your Representative to promote Puerto Rico legislation that restructures all of the debt, reduces child poverty and respects local democracy.

Since Puerto Rico's religious leaders and Jubilee USA raised the alarm on the crisis in Puerto Rico last summer, we moved Congress to a point of action. Republicans and Democrats built a bridge in the interests of the people of Puerto Rico. Now powerful special interests are trying to stop Congressional action.

That's why we need you to act.

When you click on this link you can look up your House Representative and their direct office number. You can also find what to say to your Member of Congress.

Please forward this alert to friends and family. After you take action, please invite others to act on social media and use the hashtag #PuertoRico.


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