2 Wins in 1 Week, New Campaigns‎ Launching

July 9, 2017

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for supporting Jubilee USA and for taking action over the last week.

Together we can celebrate two victories in one week. Plus we have new bipartisan Jubilee legislation in the US Congress.

Our multi-year campaign moved the White House and the G20‎ to call on G20 countries to pass stronger laws to prevent debt crisis, protect poor economies and stop "vulture funds." This past week the European Union passed some of our strongest corporate transparency legislation to date. In Congress, our Republican and Democratic partners introduced our legislation to stop shell companies from abusing vulnerable communities.

As we celebrate moving forward new debt and anti-corruption policies this week, please join me and make a tax-deductible gift to Jubilee USA as we launch new campaigns on top of our recent victories.

With a thousand emergency messages and phone calls during a holiday week, you ensured that President Trump supported and promoted our efforts to prevent debt crisis at the G20. ‎The G20 supported the Operational Guidelines for Sustainable Financing.

The European Parliament passed landmark corporate transparency rules known as "country-by-country" reporting. The policy would ensure that major US corporations and other global businesses that do work in Europe must report what payments they make to governments where they operate. While there are still loopholes to close on this policy and other policies, we are winning the ability to raise revenue in the developing world and stop bribery.

Jumping off our recent victories, we need your help to pass US legislation that stops financial crisis and predatory behavior. Whether it's Puerto Rico, Illinois or Mozambique we need your gift right now to protect vulnerable communities trying to survive economies in crisis. Whether you can give 10 dollars or 100 or 1000 dollars, we really need your gift today to launch our new campaigns.

With your partnership in the coming weeks, we will hire more staff and do strategic organizing to launch two new campaigns to win changes to US laws to prevent debt crisis from California to El Salvador to the US Virgin Islands.

Your support allows us to continue to defend financial transparency and stop the repeal of Section 1504 in the Senate.

With your support we can win legislation that prevents anonymous shell companies from abusing vulnerable communities. ‎With your support we'll move trade polices that protect the most vulnerable.

‎We've won a lot already this year. I'm grateful for your partnership as we organize to win even more in the coming months.


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director
Jubilee USA Network

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

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