A Big Year for Puerto Rico and Our World

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Puerto Rico's economic future hangs in the balance as we prepare to enter 2017.

Right now we are working to ensure that our temporary block on debt lawsuits against Puerto Rico won't expire. We are focusing on getting the island's debt back to sustainable levels. We are working to prevent further austerity. We are promoting a road map that brings together a solution that protects Puerto Rico's people and environment. 

Jubilee USA and our Puerto Rico religious partners are the central group working on all possible solutions for Puerto Rico's crisis in a coordinated way.

Please make a year-end tax-deductible investment in our Puerto Rico work. Right now when you donate, your donation will be doubled.

What's happening in Puerto Rico mirrors what's happening around the world. Debt crises are spreading - from Brazil to Mozambique, from Ghana to Venezuela to Greece. World leaders can and must act to stem these crises and prevent the next major global recession - or worse.

That's why our work is so critical.

From the IMF to the World Bank to the White House to the UN, Jubilee USA is winning changes to our financial system that protect millions of people. Our efforts win policies that address inequality and reduce poverty. In recent months, our work had critical impacts on payday lending, trade negotiations, stopping leaders from stealing from their people, deterring so called "vulture funds," tax evasion and a global bankruptcy process.

Jubilee USA Network's work is critical and we need your help. Please consider a tax-deductible matched gift today to propel us into 2017.

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