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National MonumentFriends,

One of our main newspapers on Capitol Hill, Congressional Quarterly‎, cites Jubilee USA's work as being among the last bipartisan efforts in Washington.

Whether moving Puerto Rico legislation that stops vulture funds or getting both sides of the aisle to support our "Panama Papers" transparency legislation, Republicans and Democrats believe in us.

At Jubilee USA we're proud of that bipartisan accolade and we are grateful that you believe in us.

We need your help to do what we do.

In less than 48 hours our $10,000 matching grant expires. Please help double our bipartisan impact by making a matching gift of $5‎, $10, $50 or $250 today.

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Consider making a recurring credit card donation of $3 or $9 a month. When you make a monthly recurring donation today - your gift will be matched for the whole year.


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