BREAKING: Puerto Rico Legislation Moves, Take Action

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Dear Friends -

Our efforts on Puerto Rico just moved forward again! 

Right now - the House of Representatives is considering an amendment to give Puerto Rico the same healthcare funding that states receive. The amendment may not make it out of the "Rules Committee" for a full vote. But this is a clear sign that our campaign is working and that Puerto Rico can get some of the funding it needs as the island restructures its debt and prevents austerity. 

We need to keep our momentum going.

Please email your Representative and Senators today to tell them to pass bipartisan recommendations for Puerto Rico that can help prevent austerity. Tell Congress to pass laws on responsible lending and borrowing to prevent future financial crisis.

In recent weeks, Jubilee USA met with more than 70 Republicans and Democrats in Congress to create a path forward. Multiple letters from Puerto Rico's Archbishop González and Bible Society leader Reverend Martínez were delivered to every member of Congress. 

Archbishop González and Reverend Martínez write in their most recent letter to Congress: 

"Because of how this crisis impacts our people and in particular Puerto Rico's children, we continue to pursue all possible solutions. We are also aware that other US territories and developing countries around the world are facing financial crisis. Many of these countries, like Puerto Rico, find themselves in crisis because of the need for US law that promotes conservative, responsible lending and borrowing. As we continue to work together to resolve Puerto Rico's current crisis, we also want to prevent the next crisis. We want to prevent financial crises that impact all children in our world and we invite you to also work with us on these broader stewardship and preventive measures."

Now we need you to join them.

Contact your Representatives now and tell them to prevent austerity in Puerto Rico. Encourage Congress to heed the advice of Puerto Rico religious leaders and prevent future financial crises in every corner of the globe.

For almost two years, religious leaders from Puerto Rico, Jubilee USA and our US partners have worked on every solution possible. Last year we testified to Congress and laid out Jubilee USA's plan for resolving the crisis. At the end of 2016, I testified to Puerto Rico's Oversight Board and delivered a road map to restructure the debt and prevent austerity. Because of your partnership - Congress, the White House, Puerto Rico's government and oversight board continue to follow many of our proposed solutions in resolving this crisis.

Because of your partnership, we will continue to make progress and help build a better future for Puerto Rico.

Thank you,

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

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