Friends - We moved Congress! Need help.


Yesterday, we organized hundreds of messages to Congress urging action on Puerto Rico debt legislation and our Jubilee Child Poverty amendment.

The messages made a big impact - the House Rules Committee voted to send our child poverty amendment to the floor of the full House for a vote today. Out of 36 proposed Puerto Rico debt bill amendments, our amendment was among only 8 that survived.

With just hours left before the full House vote, we're in a critical moment. Can you please email Congress and urge your representative to vote YES on HR 5278 to address Puerto Rico's debt crisis and YES on the Jolly-Curbelo child poverty amendment.

In the last 48 hours, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries, Catholic Charities USA and the Archbishop of San Juan urged Congress to support the Puerto Rico debt bill and our child poverty amendment. This morning, seven more national religious institutions representing 80 million Americans endorsed our child poverty amendment. Your Jubilee USA team is on Capitol Hill meeting with Members of Congress through today's vote. Your email to Congress is really needed now.

Since the vote is happening today, please also make a call to your Representative.



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Puerto Rico High SchoolFriends,

Congress votes tomorrow on Puerto Rico debt crisis legislation and we need your help today.

Despite flaws, the bill the House will vote on is a lifeline for Puerto Rico's people. Because of the thousands of phone calls you made to Congress, we stopped powerful special interests from killing or weakening the bill. We strengthened tools to restructure Puerto Rico's debt and now we're poised to pass an amendment to fight child poverty on the island.

Please email your respresentative today and ask them to vote YES on Puerto Rico debt legislation. Please ask them to vote YES on the Jolly-Curbelo Puerto Rico child poverty amendment. When you click here you will find talking points and background information and a link to contact Congress.

Puerto Rico's children are on the front lines of a financial crisis they did not create. To pay its debt, Puerto Rico is closing schools and cutting special education funding. Over the past week, Jubilee USA built support for an amendment to the Puerto Rico debt crisis bill to directly address the reality that more than half of Puerto Rico's kids live in poverty. We have support from key House leaders - and Puerto Rico Archbishop Roberto González Nieves endorsed our efforts in an op-ed in a prominent Capitol Hill newspaper yesterday. With your help, we can take this amendment over the finish line.

Let's make sure Congress directly addresses Puerto Rico's debt and child poverty crisis. Please email your member of Congress now and say YES to Puerto Rico debt legislation and YES to the Jolly-Curbelo child poverty amendment.

Thank you for joining us and taking action at this critical moment. We'll keep you posted as things develop over the next 24 hours.


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