Call Congress for Puerto Rico

How to Call:

Type in your address in the form below to find the direct office phone number for your Representative. What to say when you call is written below. ‎After you call your Representative, you have the option to enter your email, let us know how it went and click "Call Made!" ‎This helps us track how many calls we are getting to specific Members of Congress.

What to say to when you call:

First, ask for the Legislative Director. If he/she is not available, leave a message for them. Make sure they know you are a constituent in their congressional district. Say:

"My name is __________ and I live in your district. I'm concerned that Puerto Rico is being asked to accept a control board and not even have adequate debt restructuring tools to bring the debt back to payable levels. I want you to support Puerto Rico legislation that does three things:

1. Gives Puerto Rico comprehensive tools to restructure its total debt in a timely and orderly way,

2. Reduces child poverty on the island, and

3. Respects local democracy in Puerto Rico."

Remember to thank them for their time!

For more information on Puerto Rico's debt crisis, visit our website. If you have trouble with your call, contact Greg Williams at