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From NBC News to The Hill to Catholic News Service to The Washington Post to your local newspaper, your support puts the media spotlight on how economic policies impact vulnerable communities.  

This year tens of thousands of newspapers, television and radio shows covered Jubilee USA. Below is a sampling of some of those stories.

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Jubilee USA in the News

Jubilee Celebrates Archbishop Tomasi, Rep Bachus, Ruth Messinger and Kent Spriggs
The Hill (Dec 1)
Catholic News Service (Nov 10)

Archbishop Tomasi Lecture on Pope Francis and the Global Economy
Archbishop Silvano Tomasi's remarks
Catholic News Service (Nov 11)

The 2016 U.S. Elections
Public Finance International (Nov 14)
Catholic News Service (Nov 14)
Devex (Nov 11)
Catholic News Service (Nov 9)

Jubilee USA Shane Claiborne Event
EMU News (Sept 8)

Public Finance International (Nov 14)
Devex (Nov 11)

Payday Loans
KBOO (June 13)
WORT (June 8)
CBC (June 6)
National Catholic Reporter (June 3)
Baptist News Global (June 2)
TeleSUR (June 2)

United Nations Processes on Debt, Tax and Trade
ISPS (Nov 9)
Common Dreams (Sept 23)
Huffington Post (July 28)
TeleSUR (July 20)
Common Dreams (July 20)

InDepthNews (July 14)

Debt Crises and International Monetary Fund Policies
Common Dreams (Oct 7)
Common Dreams (Oct 5)
National Catholic Reporter
 (Oct 4)

Common Dreams (Oct 4)
Agenzia Fides
 (Sept 16)

Public Finance International (Sept 15)
Reuters (Sept 15)
VOA Portuguese (Sept 15)
African Business Review (Sept 15)

The Panama Papers and Anonymous Shell Companies
Common Dreams (Dec 9)
Public Finance International
 (Sept 22)
Sojourners (Aug 1)
KBOO (June 13)

Debt Crises in Latin America and the Caribbean
Common Dreams (Dec 16)
Common Dreams (Sept 9)

Curbing Corporate Tax Avoidance
CCTV (Sept 19)
Public Finance International (Sept 13)
TeleSUR (May 24)

Puerto Rico
Eric LeCompte's Puerto Rico Oversight Board Testimony
Valori (Dec 23)
Common Dreams
 (Dec 21)
Financial Express (Nov 22)

Public Finance International (Nov 21)
Agenzia Fides (Nov 19)
ValueWalk (Nov 18)
National Catholic Reporter (Nov 2)
El Nuevo Dia (Sept 30)
Morning Consult (Aug 31)
Wall Street Journal (Aug 31)
Barron's (Aug 31)
Common Dreams (Aug 30)

Catholic News Service (July 1)
Real News Network (June 30)
Washington Post (June 29)
International Business Times (June 29)
Common Dreams (June 29)
National Catholic Reporter (June 29)
TeleSUR (June 29)
Democracy Now (June 29)
The Guardian (June 28)
Flashpoint-Pacifica (June 28) (begins at 44:41)
Catholic News Service (June 24)
ValueWalk (June 19)
Albany Times-Union (June 17)
Agenzia Fides (June 17)
Politico (June 16)
Huffington Post (June 13)
The Hill (June 13)
Bloomberg (June 13)
Washington Times (June 13)
KBOO (June 13)
NBC Latino (June 10)
Breitbart (June 10)
TeleSUR (June 10)
Washington Post (June 9)
TeleSUR (June 9)
TeleSUR (June 8)
The Hill (June 7)
TeleSUR (May 25)
Wall Street Journal (May 25)
Washington Times (May 24)
New York Magazine (May 23)
ValueWalk (May 21)

Mozambique Debt Crisis and Audit
Agenzia Fides (Sept 16)
Public Finance International (Sept 15)
Reuters (Sept 15)
VOA Portuguese (Sept 15)
African Business Review (Sept 15)

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