Pray for Puerto Rico

Today, 3.5 million American citizens in Puerto Rico face a humanitarian crisis. 

Nearly half of Puerto Rico's people live in poverty. Unemployment is rising and 80% of Puerto Rico’s children live in high-poverty areas. More than 100 schools have closed due to self-imposed austerity. More people have left Puerto Rico for the US mainland in the past few years than left in all of the 1980's or 1990's.

With Puerto Rico’s religious leaders, we’re winning a powerful campaign to end austerity, reduce debt and grow Puerto Rico's economy to benefit its most vulnerable citizens. Things are moving fast now – at the White House, in Congress and on the island – and we need your help.

At an upcoming religious service, will your Church, Synagogue, Mosque or faith community pray for the people of Puerto Rico?  Can your community offer one prayer, petition or prayer of the faithful for a resolution to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico?

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Will you pray for Puerto Rico?