Act Today for Puerto Rico's Children: Sign the Petition

Dear Representative,

Thank you for working to address Puerto Rico’s economic and humanitarian crisis.

I am writing to ask you to support language in the final Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act that addresses child poverty in Puerto Rico. Today, nearly 60% of Puerto Rico’s children live in homes that receive government assistance. While only 11% of children on the US mainland live in high poverty areas, in Puerto Rico, 80% do. Puerto Rico’s only children's hospital has cut its budget 14% over a two year period and doesn’t even have an MRI machine.

Puerto Rico's children are our children. They are US citizens, and they need our help.

The draft legislation can help address child poverty in Puerto Rico.

I ask that you support language that:

- sets clear targets for child poverty reduction

- ensures Puerto Rico has enough tools for comprehensive debt restructuring so Puerto Rico's kids don't inherit the crisis

- includes Puerto Rico's families and people in decision making processes around possible solutions

We can ensure Puerto Rico’s children are not left behind as we address the underlying reasons for the current crisis.

Thank you for your consideration and for your work to help the people of Puerto Rico.


Will you sign?