Puerto Rico Bill: URGENT Action

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Puerto Rican kids smilingDear Friend,

I wanted to update you on Congressional action on Puerto Rico. This week, Congress released a draft bill that included both strong and troubling provisions. We have two weeks to shape this bill before it is formally introduced and the most important thing we can do now is ensure that the bill reduces child poverty in Puerto Rico.

Sign our petition today calling on Congress to include clear language in its bill to reduce child poverty, prevent austerity and respect local democracy in Puerto Rico. Your support is critical as we are in continuous meetings and negotiations with members of Congress over the next fifteen days.

A new report released just this week by Child Trends highlights the struggles Puerto Rico's children face. The island's only children's hospital cut its budget by 14% over a two year period and doesn't even have an MRI machine. Over half of the children living in Puerto Rico are in households where no parent holds a steady job.

This is not just a debate about economic policy. This is a question of how well we protect some of the most vulnerable kids in the United States.

Act today. Please sign our petition and spread the word on social media and in your networks and tell Congress that Puerto Rico's children need our support.

I am so thankful for your partnership. I will keep you updated as the situation develops.


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