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San Juan from the AirFriend,

As Congress debates legislation to address Puerto Rico's growing humanitarian crisis, the island's religious leaders are inviting us to pray for our leaders.

Since San Juan Catholic Archbishop Roberto González Nieves and Bible Society head Reverend Heriberto Martínez Rivera asked for our prayers, already 50 religious communities in the mainland US responded.

Will your place of worship sign up and pray with Puerto Rico? When your Synagogue, Church or Mosque offers a prayer or petition during worship, we pray that any solution protects the vulnerable.

A new report confirms just how dire this situation is: Puerto Rico is losing a doctor every day. In 2014, 364 doctors left the territory. For the island's 3.5 million American citizens, there are just two neurologists. We need to act now.

Congressional negotiations in the House and Senate could be over in weeks. Jubilee USA is working hard to ensure that any legislation protects the vulnerable, wins debt relief, promotes budget transparency and reduces child poverty. We also hope you will help us amplify this message during a national Puerto Rico Call Congress day on Wednesday, April 27th.

Please join faith communities from Lewiston, Maine to Salt Lake City, Utah to Austin, Texas to San Juan, Puerto Rico and pray for Congress. Pray for solutions that protect the vulnerable.


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