Puerto Rico Bill Passes

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PROMESA voteFriends,

I'm at the Capitol Building thanking Republicans and Democrats who stood with us on Puerto Rico.

We won the House vote on the Puerto Rico debt bill: 297-127 in favor

We won the House vote on the Jubilee child poverty amendment: Unanimously in favor

You made this happen.

Over the past months you generated tens of thousands of e-mails and calls to Congress. Your phone calls and messages ensured our child poverty amendment survived - one of only 7 amendments that passed out of 36 that were proposed. We amplified your voice with continuous meetings with Congress, the White House and Treasury. Powerful religious organizations joined us and fought for a Jubilee‎ for Puerto Rico‎'s people including: the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Presbyterian Church (USA), Catholic Charities USA, the United Church of Christ, Union for Reform Judaism, the United Methodist Church, the Church of the Brethren and the Disciples.

The legislation is not perfect and there's still a lot of work to do. 

Over the next week, we'll need your help to pass this bill with our child poverty language through the US Senate. We need your help to ensure Puerto Rico's debt audit work is protected.

As we celebrate our efforts, please send an email to your Senators today and ask them to pass Puerto Rico debt legislation that includes strong language to address child poverty on the island.


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