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Ahead of Super Tuesday, Jubilee USA launched Puerto Rico focused radio ads in the critical presidential primary state of Texas.

Listen to our Puerto Rico radio ads urging presidential candidates to act on the economic and humanitarian crisis. Please share this critical radio spot with your family, friends and co-workers.

Now we need your help to continue placing these radio spots in Florida ahead of the March 15th presidential primary.‎ For every 250 dollars we can raise, 35,000 people will hear our radio placements. Please donate now so we can influence the presidential race and move Congress and the Federal Reserve.

Working with San Juan's Archbishop, the head of Puerto Rico's Bible Society and all major religious leaders on the island - we are advocating that any solution to the island's crisis must reduce child poverty. More than half of Puerto Rico's children live in homes that receive government assistance. Schools are closing and special education funding is being cut, harming some of the island's most vulnerable kids. Our radio ads are part of our broader campaign to resolve the debt crisis and protect Puerto Rico's most vulnerable citizens. This month alone, our director Eric LeCompte testified on the crisis before Congress, met with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew at the White House and met with Puerto Rico's governor. And with your help, we organized 1,000 phone calls to Congress to support bankruptcy protection for Puerto Rico.

Listen to our Puerto Rico radio ads and share this critical radio spot with your network.

Funding for pensions, law enforcement and health care are being slashed as Puerto Rico struggles under a mountain of debt. And the $42 million cut to health spending comes as the Zika virus spreads across the island. Puerto Rico has roughly the same population as Oklahoma, one of the states voting on Super Tuesday. And yet while Oklahoma's poverty rate is 17% - slightly above the national average - Puerto Rico's is nearly 50%. This is a crisis that presidential candidates cannot ignore.

Listen to our Super Tuesday ad, share it and donate. Your participation in this campaign can help win solutions to Puerto Rico's financial crisis that reduce child poverty and help the most vulnerable.

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P.S. - Don't forget to donate. Every $250‎ we raise will allow our ad to be heard by 35,000 people in Florida.

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