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The United States Senate votes on Puerto Rico debt legislation today. The vote is expected to be close - and the stakes are high. Passing this bill stops "vulture funds" and protects critical social services in Puerto Rico. We're so close to passing this critical bill and we need your help.

Please call your Senators right away and ask them to vote YES on Puerto Rico debt legislation. When you click this link you'll find a phone number to reach your Senators and talking points for your call.

Together, we've overcome enormous hurdles to get this bill to this point. We stopped powerful special interests from killing the legislation and forged a bipartisan coalition in the midst of a contentious election year. We're this close to winning because of you. Now we need you, your friends, community and family to make phone calls to get us across the finish line.

We need 60 Senators to vote with us this morning to advance the bill. If we win this vote, we'll need to win a final vote to approve the bill later today or tomorrow - and time is running out. Puerto Rico is 39 hours from a debt default. Without this legislation, the island has no protections to pay pensions and social services before making debt payments.

Please take 60 seconds this morning to call your Senators and ask them to vote YES on Puerto Rico debt legislation.‎

When we started this campaign almost a year ago with Puerto Rico's religious leaders, we were told there was no hope for Congressional action. Because of you, the impossible is now possible.


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