Please email your representatives and urge them to act today to address Puerto Rico's debt crisis.



Puerto Rico News

May 23 - Reverend Heriberto Martínez writes about Puerto Rico's crises and bankruptcy process. 

May 17 - Puerto Rico's title III bankruptcy process begins. Follow @Eric_LeCompte and check out his live tweets from the proceeding. Read more on CBC. San Juan's Catholic Archbishop and Evangelical Bible Society head write letter to the presiding Judge.

May 12 - Eric LeCompte speaks at the Puerto Rico Diaspora Summit. Read about it in El Nuevo Dia and the CBC. 

May 7 - Eric LeCompte releases an update after winning a process to deal with 100% of Puerto Rico's Debt.

May 4 - Puerto Rico's religious leaders release a bankruptcy statement. Jubilee's views are featured in Value WalkDaily MailNPRYahoo News/AFP, The Guardian.

May 3 - Puerto Rico's oversight board initiated the Title III bankruptcy process.

May 2 - Eric LeCompte speaks to Congress on Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis. You can watch the forum, read Eric's remarks or see event details.

May 1 - Puerto Rico secures $295 million in Medicaid fundingCreditors are stopped from taking away Puerto Rico's bankruptcy process. 

Apr 27 - Jubilee USA calls on Congress to protect Title III for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico oversight board meets as bankruptcy deadline approaches.

Apr 25 - Puerto Rico religious leaders call for bankruptcy ahead of "vulture fund" deadline.

Apr 14 - Puerto Rico oversight board mediates last-ditch debt negotiations; Archbishop calls for debt cuts.

Apr 6 - Puerto Rico’s electric company and bondholders agree on a debt deal

Mar 31 - Eric LeCompte meets with Puerto Rico's Governor, Congresswoman and religious leaders. The Puerto Rico Oversight Board discusses economic growth proposals for the island.

Mar 24 - The House rejects an important amendment that would extend Medicaid funding to the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Mar 22 - Religious leaders encourage Congress to expand health care funding for the citizens of Puerto Rico. 

Mar 14 - Religious leaders urge Congress to act on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

Mar 13 - Puerto Rico Oversight Board accepts Governor Rossello’s revised fiscal plan.

Mar 9 - The federal Puerto Rico Oversight board rejects the Governor's fiscal plan. He has until March 11 to submit a revised plan.

Mar 8 - The federal Puerto Rico oversight board warns that the island can't pay vital services. 

Mar 1 - Puerto Rico's Governor releases a new fiscal plan to balance the island's budget. He also requests continued protection for the territory from debt lawsuits.

Jan 28 – The Financial Oversight and Management Board of Puerto Rico meets as the island's financial crisis deepens. 

Jan 2 - Puerto Rico governor says the island does not have funds to pay employees in February.

Dec 21 - The Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico releases its final report. The Financial Oversight and Management Board of Puerto Rico announces debt restructuring talks.

Nov 18 - Jubilee Executive Director Eric LeCompte addresses the Puerto Rico oversight board and urges debt restructuring that reduces poverty and grows Puerto Rico's economy. Read Eric LeCompte's speech.