BREAKING: Senate Passes Puerto Rico Debt Bill

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The Senate just passed Puerto Rico debt crisis legislation 68 to 30. We know that this legislation would not have passed if it wasn't for the leadership of Puerto Rico's religious leaders and you taking action.

The legislation stops predatory behavior and prioritizes the payment of pensions and social services ahead of debt payments. It seeks to reduce child poverty on the island. ‎The legislation provides strong bankruptcy tools so the debt returns to sustainable levels.

Like most of Jubilee USA's victories on financial issues, it's also bipartisan. While the legislation provides opportunity for the island, it also poses challenges.

As Jubilee USA's executive director, Eric LeCompte, told the Washington Post tonight:
"I think in terms of the real issues facing the island, we are just getting to the end of the beginning. This is not the beginning of the end.”
On that note, please share with us our joy for a bipartisan victory we too rarely celebrate. Re-commit with us as we continue our work with our partners in Puerto Rico. Grow with us, as we continue to build an inclusive global economy.


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