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Dear Friends,
Leaders visiting the Senate
Today, religious leaders from across the United States and Puerto Rico are joining us on Capitol Hill to urge the Senate to pass Puerto Rico debt crisis legislation. We passed the legislation in the House and in less than two weeks, the Senate will vote.

By the end of today, we will have met with 35 Senators and provided materials to all 100 offices. In many of our meetings, Senators and their staff say they are open to voting yes, but haven't heard enough from their constituents about it.

Please email your Senators right away and ask them to support Puerto Rico debt legislation. When you click here you will find talking points and background information and a link to contact your Senators.

Senate meetingYesterday, we heard a reminder of why Puerto Rico's debt crisis matters. Reverend Enrique Camacho, the head of Caritas and Catholic Charities in Puerto Rico, told a packed Senate briefing room about the impact this crisis has on his people. He talked about doctors not being able to afford their own medical care. About the elderly left without family as Puerto Ricans flee to the US mainland in search of work.

Please email your Senators today and ask them to immediately pass Puerto Rico debt legislation.

Your message today amplifies our voice as we hold meetings with the Senators who could cast the deciding votes. Thank you for acting.


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