Stop Dodd/Frank 1504 Repeal


Dear Friends -

A lot is at stake as I write to you in the shadow of the US Capitol Rotunda. Considering the havoc the 2008 financial crisis wreaked on the poor, our nation and our world - how could Congress even consider repealing landmark laws that promote financial transparency?

But in the next 24 hours, the House and Senate could vote to repeal these anti-corruption measures that you and Jubilee USA won together 6 years ago.

Please tell Congress to vote NO on repealing the "Cardin-Lugar Amendment". As a Section of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act , Congress needs to hear the importance of this amendment to deter corruption and raise revenue in the developing world.

The developing world loses more than one trillion dollars each year to corruption and tax evasion. This money leaves and never returns - it's never used to build schools or hospitals or to fight Ebola or Zika. These are monies that could be used to combat hunger and to help countries recover from earthquakes or hurricanes. 

Too often poor countries have to borrow to maintain basic social services, when revenue sources are available - but not captured. 

That's why the Cardin-Lugar amendment is so important and it's why we need your help today.

Please call Congress right away and tell them to vote NO on repealing Cardin-Lugar. When you click this link, you'll see talking points and background information and a tool for talking with your Representative and Senators.

Thanks for your partnership,


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director
Jubilee USA Network

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

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