URGENT Tell Senate: Transparency Matters


Dear friends -

Two votes. 

That's how close we are to saving a critical anti-corruption and anti-poverty law in the Senate today. 

Yesterday the House of Representatives let us down.

The Senate votes this afternoon on Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Jubilee USA's executive director Eric LeCompte wrote about the importance of this transparency initiative in The Hill. Eric writes:

"Six years ago, Jubilee USA and a coalition of religious and development groups worked for passage of 1504 because of how the financial crisis impacted some of the poorest people in the world. The World Bank estimates that more than 70 million people, mostly women and children, were pushed into extreme poverty due to the crisis. As the crisis continued to unfold the developing world turned to more borrowing and more austerity policies to try and survive a crisis that was not of their making.

As the crisis roared on, developing countries lost a trillion dollars a year due to corruption and tax evasion. Since the crisis a popular name concretized to describe this revenue loss – “illicit financial flows.” I supported the “Cardin-Lugar amendment” because it was a common sense, bipartisan model to combat revenue thefts from the poor and start to address these illicit financial flows."

You can read more and help us share Eric's oped in The Hill ahead of today's Senate vote.

We are within 2 Senate votes of winning this critical legislation. Yesterday when Eric spoke with a Senator who was on the fence - the Senator told Eric he needed to hear from his constituents and people of faith. The Senator said 3 phone calls to his office would help him decide. 

Please call the Senate now and tell them to vote NO on voiding the "Cardin-Lugar Amendment."

We know that only a few phone calls will make the difference. 


Greg Williams
Communications Director



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